James Cameron, about the stage of the filming of the Avatar sequels


After announcing the end of live-action footage on Avatar 2 in November, James Cameron returned with information about the stage and other sequels of the franchise. The filmmaker wanted to show that, despite the difficulty and previous delays, Avatar 2 will be ready for the launch scheduled for December 2021.

“Since 2013 and so far we have been dealing mostly with the construction of the entire world where the action of the four new films will take place. I worked on all their scenarios and finished them. I chose the distribution and made the motion capture for movies 2, 3 and the first part of the 4th. We mostly ended up with live-action footage. We still have a few more months to work in New Zealand in the spring, but we are still on schedule with everything we set out to do, ”explained Cameron.

About the long process of producing the sequels, he said: “People do not understand the scale and complexity of this process. It’s like doing two and a half animations. Normally, working on an animated film takes four years, so if you make a calculation, we fit into the schedule until December 2021. ”

The filmmaker recently pointed out that Stephen Lang’s character, Colonel Miles Quaritch, will return to the story and be the central villain of the four sequels.

Filming at Avatar 2 and 3 officially started on September 25, 2017. The last Avatar, the fifth in the series, would hit theaters on December 17, 2027, but both the fourth and fifth parts of the series will depend on the success of the productions. with numbers 2 and 3.


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