Jennifer Aniston criticizes the “Marvel era”, which makes the stars turn to TV series


Martin Scorsese recently stated that Marvel movies are “not movies,” and now another Hollywood celebrity is pointing to the most successful productions of these years.

Jennifer Aniston, whose star was shining brightly in the Citadel of the Film 20 years ago – followed by years of the actress’s career in which, after the ultra-popular Friends series, some cinematic successes have been gathered – said in an interview with Variety that these blockbusters with superheroes, lately produced in excess, are the reason why the opportunities of stars of its size are greatly diminished. Without too many movie opportunities available, Aniston has refocused on TV shows – appearing in an Apple TV + production called The Morning Show.

“In recent years, these streaming services have exploded, with many quality productions, and I began to think that some are even better than what I did. Then, when you see what you have on the cinematic side, an area where opportunities are narrowing more and more because there are these great Marvel movies … Or things that don’t appeal to me, or that don’t appeal to me the idea of playing in front of a green screen … ”, explained Aniston.

The actress also said she misses the original, medium-budget films, such as the romantic comedies of the Meg Ryan period, or the films in which she, Jennifer, played.

“Everything has changed a lot. I think we’d be crazy if Meg Ryan came back! It would be simply wonderful, I think, to get into a movie theater and relax in such a movie. For me, a resurrection of that period is needed. Let’s return to theaters like Terms of Endearment. Or like Heaven Can Wait, Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles, Goodbye Girl, ”she added.

Asked if there is any chance of making a Friends movie, Aniston said that although she and her former series colleagues would like this (and fans are insisting), it is an impossible project because of the producers, who, most likely, I do not think that a successful formula for such a big screen meeting could be found.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Aniston will be seen on The Morning Show (launching November 1), starring Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell.


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