Jeremy Renner may miss Hawkeye in future MCU productions


There is a possibility that Jeremy Renner will no longer play Clinton Francis Barton / Hawkeye in future productions of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (the Hawkeye series announced in the spring for Disney + and upcoming MCU films).

The rumors, which have not yet been confirmed by Marvel or Disney, have emerged from the personal problems of the actor, who is now in full legal conflict with his former wife, Sonni Pacheco. This accused the star of alcoholism, drug abuse and the threat of death. Sonni filed for divorce in December 2014, after only 11 months of marriage. They have a daughter, Ava Berlin (now 6 years old), for whom they share legal custody.

Meanwhile, Hailee Steinfeld remains a favorite of Marvel studios for the role of Kate Bishop in the Hawkeye series – the character takes over the hero’s cloak in the comics and is part of the Young Avengers. The series will be released in the fall of 2021.


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