Jessica Lucas ‘Gotham’ in a new tv show The Murders

Jessica Lucas
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The Murders is a dynamic series, centered on a feminine, determined and yet fragile Kate Jameson, played by Jessica Lucas (Gotham), a rogue detective from the homicide department. When Kate makes a mistake with fatal consequences, she decides to fix the very expensive error and raise her dad, a renowned detective killed during her job. In Vancouver’s agitated setting, Kate has to fight with overwhelming guilt and personal and professional relationships as he solves new cases where values and loyalty are being tested. In a vibrant contemporary city, exploration of each case requires all five senses, revealing the key role of technology in a digital age in both the lives of criminals and investigators.

The Murders also features Dylan Bruce (Orphan Black) as Detective Nolan Wells, Kate’s partner; Lochlyn Munro (Riverdale) as Mike Huntley, a former colleague of Kate’s father; Terry Chen (The Expanse) as Bill Chen, Homicide Head and Luvia Peterson (Continuum) as Meg Harris, a colleague and friend of Kate. Venus Terzo (Arrow) also plays Rita Gallo, Kate’s mother, aspiring to a political career.

The Murders is produced by Muse Entertainment in association with CityTV, a division of Rogers Media. Damon Vignale is the creator and producer alongside Jesse Prupas, Michael Prupas, Shawn Williamson, Jamie Goehring, and Jessica Lucas.

“The themes that are being approached and the action of The Murders make this production an ideal content for our international televisions,” says Steve Patscheck, EVP Global Programming, NBCUniversal International Networks. “A bold, strong-character series is another example of our commitment to delivering quality content for the brands in our portfolio. We look forward to spreading this dramatic drama to the public in Europe and Africa.”


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