Keanu Reeves and Emilia Clarke are wanted in the Extended DC Universe


DCEU (DC Extended Universe) producers want to attract as many states of caliber as possible to catch up with the highly developed and successful Marvel productions. Keanu Reeves and Emilia Clarke are among those who now want to be on the DC superhero team on the big screen.

According to, the site that also wrote about the distribution of Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne in The Batman, Clarke was taken in the spotlight for the role of Zatana, a homo magi superhero who takes over the job of parents, magician and illusionist, until he discovers what phenomenal powers he has – he can use magic, speaking spells in reverse, he can make objects materialize only with the power of thought, he can teleport, he can heal wounds and he can manipulate time and space. She is part of Justice League Dark for a while, alongside John Constantine (with whom she also has a relationship), until she is invited to become an honorary member of the original Justice League group.

On the other hand, Reeves would have wanted in a new Constantine movie, but he already has several projects on the schedule – Bill & Ted 3, Matrix 4, but also a reboot of Deathstroke, plus the movie Avei DuVernay, New Gods – so that his participation in the DCEU is conditioned by the way in which these titles are aligned in the star program.

Released in 2005, Constantine (in the distribution of which Rachel Weisz and Tilda Swinton were previously), did not impress critics but was successful among fans (it was in the cult film category). At the international box office, he raised $ 230 million, to a production budget of $ 100 million. The offer to resume Constantine’s score has not yet started for Reeves, but the actor has repeatedly stated that he would like to return to the role.


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