Kevin Feige talks about Hulk future in MCU

In response to some questions from fans on the Reddit social platform, Marvel President Kevin Feige spoke about Hulk's future in the Marvel Cinema Universe and assured that the "giant green" has chances to return to the big screen, especially that character performer Mark Ruffalo offered the studio several ideas to continue his adventures.


“Many years ago, Mark came to discuss with us how Hulk might develop and how he would evolve into future films. He proposed a lot of interesting ideas; some of them led to what you saw in Thor: Ragnarok, Infinity War and Endgame, and others would be great to put them into practice one day, “he explained.

Feige praised Ruffalo, who succeeded Edward Norton in the role, for having managed to give more depth to the character and enhance his charisma.

“Ruffalo is a master of the less cumbersome and complicated approach; with him, the character faces all that pain he hides and tries to include it in a different, more relaxed behavior. I saw this in the first Avengers movie, when Tony Stark’s having fun with him, pushing him with something and saying “Oh, be careful!” And Bruce answers “Resistant to sharp objects”. It’s a lot more … zen. His secret is that he is always angry, “he added.

It is unlikely that a Hulk stand-alone film can be accomplished due to legal complications with Universal Pictures, who have the distribution rights of any Marvel film that would have it as a central character. Both Hulk and any other character related to him – including Thaddeus Ross (William Hurt), who appeared in Captain America: Civil War, Infinity War, and Endgame – can be used in other projects of the Marvel Cinema Universe.

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