Kit Harington needed therapy after the death of his character in Game of Thrones


Kit Harington

One of the highlights of the Game of Thrones series was Jon Snow’s death at the end of Season 5. The interest then exerted by the press and the public on the character – brought back to life – was extremely high, which had an impact on his performer , actor Kit Harington. The star revealed to Variety that the period of his career was so hard to bear that he felt he had to call for specialized help.

“The worst period was for me the one where the series focused most on Jon – when he was killed and resurrected. When you are in the center of a steep end of a TV series and that one is the one that enjoys the utmost attention at the moment, it is terrifying how much attention you get, “Harington said. The actor needed therapy and because the new level of celebrity made him question his acting skills.

“I thought I needed to feel the most lucky person in the world when, in fact, I felt very vulnerable. I was in a delicate period of my life – as is happening to many at the age of 20 and some. I started to do therapy, to learn to be more open. I was not too sure about myself and I was not really talking to the world. I had to learn to enjoy what I have, because then I even questioned my actor’s talent,” he explained.

Therapy sessions helped Harington, now 32, face the pressures of celebrity – and the impact that the famous series had on his private life. After filming the latest scenes of the Game of Thrones’ final season, the actor gladly and with excitement flashed out of the character who defined his career: “It was a marked moment. When I took down Jon’s suit, I felt as if my skin had taken off. It was very exciting. Like I was dispossessed of something that belonged to me.”


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