Lucy Hale will play in Riverdale spin-off


Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale remains in The CW family, station officials announcing the actress distribution in the pilot episode Katy Keene, spin-off Riverdale and one of the proposed projects for the season 2019/20. Joining previously announced Ashleigh Murray, Jonny Beauchamp and Julia Chan, Hale will play Katy Keene, a fashionable legend. Bold and independent, Katy is a young 20-year-old who aspires to make a reputation for New York fashion, combining the job of a grocery store assistant with one of the most prestigious stores, with friendships, relationships and a desire for success.

According to the official description, the project presents the lives of four characters from Archie Comics, including Josie McCoy and Katy Keene, one of the names that will revolutionize the world of fashion. Presented as a musical valency, the project follows the adventures of the four in the grandiose New York and the road to fulfilling dreams, whether we are talking about the podium, Broadway or the competitive music industry.

Mark Pedowitz, the chairman of the post, said during the Winter Critics Association’s winter tour that there will be no crossover and no episodes of this season in Riverdale to introduce spin-off characters, clarifying that the events in Katy Keene will be held in a few from those in the Riverdale high school, as well as an older distribution, the characters somewhere over 20 years old. If one of the characters presented in Riverdale is about to appear in Katy Keene, it will be a more mature and older version.


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