Maisie Williams says to all fans to re-watch Game of Thrones first season


Maisie Williams

Only two weeks until the last part of the Game of Thrones will reach the little screens, Maisie Williams gives some advice to the fans.

The actress, who plays Arya Stark, gave a few tips. Maisie Williams told Rolling Stone that she would like to go back to the point of zero and have a brief refresh of memory before a dramatic conclusion. With these things in mind, the actress was thinking about Season 1: the starting point of the Game of Thrones.

Williams said: “After reading the 8th Season scenario, I watched Season 1 … and there are many similarities.”

There are several hypotheses about Jon Snow’s upside-down spoiler alerts – a Targaryen and probably will appear at some point during the 8th season on a dragon. There are other surprises.

If you remember the first series of the Game of Thrones, you will realize that it had a slow pace anticipating a deployment. Probably because there were the bases of some actions that took place later. After all, it was not all violence, incest and drunkenness. Even if that was the biggest part, write

Williams continued to talk about how far her character had come. It was a tearful story, it seems. Arya – once a cold-blooded killer – discovered an emotional side in the last season. The actress reported:

“It was great, it was a perfect timing because Arya discovered a sensitive side. It was something beautiful in the way she did it. Because I usually tried to play Arya’s role without any emotion, though I felt everything in my depth.”

The actress added: “I feel happy with the end of the whole series. Every story has reached a convenient conclusion.”


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