Manifest renewed with Season 2



NBC eventually took a decision for the Manifest series and finally we can say that project fans can breathe quietly.After the end of season 1, NBC has decided to renew with new episodes and return the title to the 2019/2020 grid. It should be noted, however, that for the moment the exact order of episodes related to the second season was not communicated.

The most promoted NBC project in the current season’s grid, Manifest raised some question marks when NBC officials announced the renewal of New Amsterdam’s colleague and not Manifest, with the premiere recording a record audience but also a dramatic decline later, only the second part the season managed to stabilize ratings to an average of ~12.6 million viewers. Finally, in the demographic segment 18-49 years, Manifest managed to rank as #1 scripted series of the 2018/2019 season.

When the 828 Montego Floght Flight sails safely after a turbulent flight, the crew and passengers are relieved that difficult moments have passed. And yet during the few hours of the flight, five years had passed outside the plane’s fuselage, when it was thought to have collapsed, and the loved ones, after years of pain and unanswered questions, continued their lives trying to overcome the loss suffered. Facing the impossible with the plane, now a new chance has emerged, a reality that seems to have become clearer and a mystery that envelops some of the returning passengers, quickly realizing that they were sent back with a great purpose which he would not have believed before. The series is inspired by the events of 370 Malaysia Airlines.


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