Manou Animation, Flight Adventures: A movie about an unexpected hero


Manou Animation

The movie will have its national premiere on May 3, 2019, but at some cinemas it can be seen in preview. A production of the famous animation studio for special effects for Grand Budapest Hotel, White House Down and Independence Day 2.

Manou is a small straight (a migratory bird, like a louse) raised by a family of seagulls, and therefore one is believed to be one of them. He strives to swim, to fish and to fly like them, but he does not seem too talented. He will find out why with the participation in the race organized for the summer. To his astonishment and shock, Manou finds out that he has been adopted from a family of righteous birds, which the gulls seem to hate. His family is next to him and cherishes him as one of them, and his brother, the seagull Luc, admires him immensely.

One night, Manou has trouble defending the eggs and the rats take one. Gulls are angry, and Manou is kicked out of the group. Disgustingly, he has the chance to meet Parcival, a weird guy who can not fly, but he’s a friend of hope. His new friends, Yusuf and Poncho, reveal the secrets of his righteousness, and the meeting with the beautiful Kalifa and the attraction for it will complicate the adventures a bit. The stakes are huge, for the rats steal the right eggs, a huge storm threatens the seagulls, and Manou has to save everyone, brave as a gull and inventive as a righteous.


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