Martin Scorsese explains why The Irishman couldn’t be a TV series


Martin Scorsese’s new movie, The Irishman, has generated more discussion in the online environment, and some of them (even memes) have referred to his length, unusually large for a feature film. The filmmaker explained in an interview why he didn’t want to consider turning the story into a TV series.

“You could say” This is a long story, you can tell it during two seasons “- I saw someone mentioned this. But I say no, definitely not. I didn’t even think about it. Because the purpose of this movie is the accumulation of details. By the end of the movie you become aware of this cumulative effect; you can understand in a single view the evolution of the story, from the beginning to the end, if that is what you want. A series is great, it’s wonderful, you can develop characters and lines of action, you can create worlds. But this story wasn’t for that, ‚ÄĚScorsese said.

The Irishman, with Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci in distribution, lasts 3 hours and 29 minutes. It debuted on the Netflix streaming platform on November 27th.


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