Marvel wants Keanu Reeves in The Eternals


The future of Marvel is promising, if we look only at the actors the studio attracts in its films. According to, The Eternals, which will kick off a trilogy next year, may have Keanu Reeves cast.

According to sources the site calls “trustworthy,” the star is now in talks with the studio, and the role offered could be that of Ivan Druig – who, in the comic strip, is depicted as avid after power and always in conflict with his cousin, Ikaris. Druig is presented as a KGB agent. Among his powers are a strength, physical speed and physical strength, flight, teleportation, manipulation of cosmic energy and matter.

Angelina Jolie and Richard Madden, who will play Ikaris, have already been announced. It is possible, according to rumors, to join Luke Evans, Kumail Nanjiani and Millie Bobby Brown. ChloƩ Zhao will be the director of the movie.

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