Meghan Markle helps jobless women and gives them advice via video call


Even though Meghan Markle has retired from the royal family, she continues to carry out her duties to the charities she supports.

Specifically, Meghan Markle provided advice to women who benefit from the actions taken by Smart Works, an association that helps vulnerable women find a job, a process that even includes counseling for choosing an outfit. appropriate.

The interaction between Meghan Markle and the women she talked to took place via video call, and she now lives in Los Angeles with Prince Harry and their son, Archie. Meghan was interested in the jobs these women applied for and passed on her advice and good thoughts.

“You seem extremely confident and prepared. When I read about your passions, I saw that you were interested in mental health, right? Psychology? That’s great! ‘Meghan Markle told one of the girls she spoke to.

“Thank you, it means a lot to me,” the young woman replied.

“I wanted to wish you luck and tell you I’m holding your fists. So many things are happening in the world right now and it helps you to have hope and keep your optimism that you will get over it, ‘added Meghan Markle.

When Meghan was asked about Smart Works, she said, “It’s a pleasure for me to help these women, I notice how wonderful they are and how many people help.” For six weeks since the organization’s activity moved to the virtual environment, it has offered 200 hours of support to women who do not have a job. They have a training interview, but the association also offers them a suitable outfit.

Meghan Markle has been running the Smart Works Association since January 2019. In September 2019, she also launched a capsule collection, and the pieces were sold “one by one”, meaning a piece of clothing is donated to any purchase. “Not only does this allow us to be part of everyone’s story, but it reminds us that we are in it together,” Meghan Markle explained at the time.


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