Meghan Markle returns with small steps to the acting profession


Once he gave up his royal duties, the Duchess of Sussex will narrate an exciting Disney + documentary about the journey of an elephant family, which includes an elephant mother and a chicken, the streaming platform said.

The choice made by the actress reflects that she herself is the mother of a 10-month-old boy, that she is a philanthropist and an advocate for animal rights.

Meghan Markle became known along with her role in the Suits procedural series. The Elephants documentary follows in the footsteps of an African elephant named Shami and her energetic chick Jamo, as their flock travels hundreds of miles along the Kalahari Desert, following Gaia, the herdsman.

The documentary for the whole family will premiere on the streaming platform on April 3. The involvement of the Duchess in the film project will benefit the charity Elephants Without Borders. In 2017, the Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry visited the Republic of Botswana to lend a helping hand to Dr. Mike Chase, who works with Elephants Without Borders, an organization trying to monitor elephants in the area.

The role of voice is the first that Markle does after the January announcement that he is giving up his royal duties.


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