Mexican actress Edith Gonzalez, died at the age of 54


Edith Gonzalez, known for her role as Salome, died at the age of 54 from ovarian cancer, according to was confirmed by presenting Galileo Montijo and Andrea Legarreta in the magazine “Hoy”.

Gonzáles, famous for playing Doña Bárbara in the so-called telenovela, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2016 and has since fought the disease.

Edith Gonzáles was married to Lorenzo Margain and has a daughter, Constance, aged 15.

Actress Leticia Calderon confirmed her death in a Twitter message: “Güera (Edith) will miss us! There is no greater pain than your mother feels, which I embrace with affection.”

Throughout her career, Edith Gonzáles has been seen on television channels Televisa, Telemundo, and Azteca TV. Throughout her collaboration with Azteca, which began in 2010, she starred in the Cielo Rojo soap opera and the reality show “The Academy”.


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