Michael Fassbender will be the head of an adventure placed in the world of espionage


Michael Fassbender will be the head of the poster of an adventure placed in the spy world Michael Fassbender was named the protagonist of an adaptation that could trigger an espionage franchise. Shame Star, Alien: Covenant and Steve Jobs were distributed by Lionsgate in Malko, a thriller inspired by SAS bestsellers, series imagined by the French author GĂ©rard de Villiers – his espionage novels sold over 120 million copies throughout the world.

Fassbender will get into the skin of Malko Linge, an Austrian nobleman named “Son Altesse Serenissime” (SAS), attracted by the CIA in his undercover missions, but who prefer to work on his own. It performs extremely dangerous actions around the world. He has an excellent memory, speaks fluently several languages, is an admirer of precious things and elegance; is always well arranged and his favorite suit is the alpaca wool, custom-made.

Among the 200 volumes of the series – published between 1965 and 2013 – Malko will be inspired by the events of 29 books, Berlin: Check-point Charlie. Eric Warren Singer (American Hustle, the future of Top Gun: Maverick) will deal with the script. Fassbender will also be part of the producer team.


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