Mike Colter, from ‘Luke Cage’ to ‘Evil’

Mike Colter
Source: hollywood.com

Now that the announcement of the end of the collaboration between Marvel and Netflix has been announced, the time has come to see the heroes in New York and other roles. The first to starter seems to be even Mike Colter, Luke Cage’s performer, the actor being disseminated in the proposed CBS project, Evil. In the choice of the 2019/20 season, the title will reunite with Robert and Michelle King, the creators and executive producers of The Good Wife, in which Colter played a recurring role in 2010-2015, interpreting Lemond Bishop, the guest-star and the spin-off of The Good Fight.

In Evil, Mike Colter will perform David Dacosta, a monarchal monk and one of the protagonists of the title, whose mission the Church is to investigate seemingly inexplicable phenomena to find out whether they really are supernatural or can be cleared by science.

Prior to its distribution, Actress Katja Herbers, the protagonist, was also announced for her project, portraying Kristen Benoist, a skeptical psychologist looking to find out more about the line between science and religion. Herbers could be seen in HBO, Westworld, The Leftovers and Divorce, but also in Manhattan and Manhunt titles: Unabomber.

The battle between science and religion continues, this time at the center of being a skeptical psychologist who teamed up with a developing and freelancing priest to investigate together the supposed miracles, demonic possessions and other extraordinary things, see if they can be explained by science or are really the result of something supernatural.

Production team: Robert King (screenwriter / EP), Michelle King (screenwriter / EP), Liz Glotzer (EP)


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