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Miss Bala

On Friday, May 3, 2019, the cinemas are being shot by Miss Bala – a new Columbia Pictures production starring Gina Rodriguez. Combining explosive action and exciting drama, the thriller directed by Catherine Hardwicke.

Miss Bala presents the dramatic story of Gloria, the winner of a beauty contest. Originally from Los Angeles, Gloria is visiting Mexico City Tijuana when she assists in kidnapping her girlfriend and is forced to work for a criminal cartel. This is perhaps the story of many women struggling to survive in areas of alarming crime – the quintessence of a collective tragedy that hides infinite mute tears and unreadable dramas. Only Gloria refuses to act as a victim and learns to fight to save both her life and her kidnapped girlfriend. This is how we discover a new heroine, strong and courageous, who does not wait to be rescued, but solves its own problems.

But life in the dangerous world of international criminals is unpredictable: Gloria faces extreme situations that mark it but transforms it. As feminine, so decided and dangerous becomes when she “gets angry,” and her enemies, no matter which part of the law they are, will find out on their skin what she is capable of. We also see the cinema, May 3, 2019.

This “crazy action thriller,” as described by director Hardwicke, also explores a universal theme: seeking identity. When he meets Lino Esparza, head of the criminal organization, Gloria does not suspect how it will bind her life. As Gloria turns from hostage to fighter, the two, however different, discover common points and change each other’s life. This is not the usual dynamics between kidnapper and hostage, and this surprising ambiguity increases the suspense of the film. Though marked by lies and betrayal, their relationship is, however, more sincere than the one with the authorities. So, who are the “bad guys”?

In the lead role we see Gina Rodriguez, the Latino star who conquered the audience of the popular comedy series “Jane the Virgin”. Gripped by the boxing and extremely skilful at driving, the actress strenuously trained and underwent challenging physical challenges: bullets, firearms, explosions, and jogging. But everything was natural to the actress: “I’m addicted to adrenaline, so I loved doing the movie stunts […]. “Miss Bala is the biggest challenge I have ever assumed in my career,” says Rodriguez.

In turn, Ismael Cruz C√≥rdova was so convincing at the first hearing that no other actor was considered for the role of Lino. “It’s incredibly scary and seductive at the same time. You believe both the kidnapper of Gloria and her defender, “says producer Kevin Misher. In the distribution we also find Anthony Mackie, known to the public of Avengers and The Hurt Locker. ”

For authenticity, filming took place in Tijuana, a city that impresses both with its unique architecture and vibrant atmosphere, as well as a prolific cinematic culture: four of the last five Oscar-winning directors from Mexico originate and build their careers in their native country.

Director Catherine Hardwicke made the film after Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer’s script. Columbia Pictures’ Canana / Misher Films production lasts 104 minutes.

photo source: latimes.com

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