Morbius with Jared Leto – Trailer


The first trailer for Morbius, starring Jared Leto, was released, synthesizing the story of a genius doctor suffering from a terminal illness – who, in search of a cure, becomes a bloodthirsty monster.

The trailer is grim, revealing the horror component of the film that will be released on our big screens at the end of July. The picture with the Morbius monster is scary.

The drama of Nobel laureate Dr. Michael Morbius is to go from the physical pain caused by a hematological condition and disability to the uncontrolled thirst for blood once he becomes a vampire. But the trailer does not reveal the direction in which the character will take – will it be a villain or an anti-hero?

The final frame of the trailer shows no one other than Adrian Toomes, the Vulture villain played by Michael Keaton in Spider-Man: Homecoming of 2017. This shows that a cross over between Spider-Man from Sony and Marvel Cinematic Universe is possible, The Hollywood Reporter believes, more – than a movie featuring Spider-Man, Morbius and Tom Hardy’s Venom is plausible.


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