Mulan is Disney’s first live-action remake with PG-13 rating


Mulan, the live-action remake of the Disney studios, received a less permissive rating: the recommendation from the Motion Picture Association of America is that watching children under the age of 12 be done only with parental consent, because of “violence sequences.” “. Even the two Maleficent films from the same Walt Disney Pictures received the “AG” / “General Audience” rating, though the sequel portrayed a genocide.

Mulan has therefore received the PG-13 rating, the Romanian equivalent of AP 12. It is Disney’s first live-action remake after a classic studio animation that receives a rating other than the “General Audience” rating. Mulan also holds the record for being the first Disney live-action title to receive this rating since 2017’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Mulan launches on our big screens on March 27th. The trailers released so far describe the Mulan movie as more of a fantasy war story than a musical, which sets it apart from the original animation but also from the Chinese legend on which it is based, “Ballad of Mulan”. So Mulan will get rid of the criticism of The Lion King remake, which copied frame by frame the original animation. Beyond the genre, the new Mulan gives up some characters, including Dragon Mushu, who Eddie Murphy voiced in the original animation. Mushu was an important character in the story’s economy. To defend her in battle, the spirits of Mulan’s ancestors sent Mushu to their aid in the original animation, a small, wiry dragon.

Mulan is the story of the young woman with the name of magnolia, giving the audience a memorable lesson of honor and courage, interwoven with suspense. In times of turmoil, when the Huns invade China, the emperor orders each family to send a representative to the battle. Although he is ill and weakened by so many wars, Mulan’s father and the head of a respectable family are determined to defend their homeland at the cost of their lives. For nothing, Mulan is against it; the decision is taken. Living in a conservative society, the girl would only have to pray and wait for her father to return.

But Mulan, knowing that his father would not survive a new attempt on the battlefield, wore his armor and, disguised as a warrior, took his place in the imperial army, ready to fight for the country and the honor of his family. The girl’s decision is unwavering. The dangers do not go beyond Mulan, but the young woman gains the respect of her comrades-in-arms and the admiration of the handsome Captain Shang. No one knows the mystery … Until, in a direct confrontation with the Huns, she is injured and her true identity is revealed.

Although transvestite can cost her life and male fighters do not take it into account, the girl struggles to complete her mission. Whether or not we will succeed in Mulan, a captivating getaway in one of the most beautiful legends of Chinese folklore.


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