“Murder Mystery” breaks Netflix records


30,869,863 single Netflix accounts run Murder Mystery in the first three days of release, making it the movie with the most views on the platform on the first weekend.

A total of 13,374,914 Murder Mystery accounts are from the United States and 17,494,949 are from the other countries where Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčavailable.

The American streaming company counts a view when the user has the patience to see over 70% of a movie.

Beyond the actual figures, Murder Mystery’s success is not a surprise to Netflix, who reckoned with Adam Sandler, signing for four exclusive movies.

Two years ago, Netflix announced that his subscribers had already watched more than half a billion hours of films with Adam Sandler, a sign that the actor was very much appreciated.

And ratings on IMDb, where it has an average of 6.1, indicate that the audience rated Murder Mystery. On Metacritic.com, however, he received the grade 38/100.


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