NBC cancels Abby’s, The Village and The Enemy Within

Photo source: variety.com

For those who wondered what is the status of Abby’s comedy and the two dramas, The Village and The Enemy Within, the job representatives confirmed the cancellation of the titles. The decision is not surprising given the announcement delay and record figures – Abby’s 2 million, The Village 5.8 million and The Enemy Within an average of 6.4 million multiplatform viewers.

The three are part of the 2018/2019 season, making it so near I Feel Bad and AP Bio, the only cancellations made by NBC. Last year, station officials announced seven projects for the current season, namely two comedies and five dramas – Abby’s, I Feel Bad, Manifest, New Amsterdam, The Enemy Within, The InBetween and The Village.

Abby’s: Good prices, a great company and, of course, Abby, the new comedy has as its place the best bar in San Diego … in an unconventional way. Situated in the back yard of the house, improvised and unlicensed, Abby’s is the place where the usual clientele of the house informally applies a set of rules that give them a sense of belonging to the community and thus allow them to avoid the frustrating behavior encountered in other locations. Without mobile phones, the satisfaction of finding a good place at the bar and amusing punishments for those who lose bets all make Abby’s feel like a family.

The Enemy Within: Is a new thriller dedicated to sex enthusiasts, starring Erica Shepherd, a former CIA top agent, and the most famous treasurer in modern history. With a life sentence on which it is serving in a federal penitentiary of maximum security, Erica is released into the custody of the FBI in order to help stop the dangerous act of espionage which currently threatens the US. Considered to be the last chance to save the country, despite his own reasons and a common past that seems to have cost him much, Special Agent Will Keaton calls to Erica, realizing that to catch a spy must think like one.

The Village: Despite the differences in age, race, culture and lifestyle, the residents of a Manhattan building realize that the more their intercourse lives, the more complex their relationship and relationships proving that the challenges and hardships of life, like joy and beautiful moments, are better received, shared and resolved in the family, regardless of the form in which it comes.


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