NBC makes the first choices – Sunnyside and Bluff City Law

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With less than a week left up to UpFronts, the NBC stars the start of this two-time grid election for the 2019/2020 season drama Bluff City Law drama and the Sunnyside comedy. The NBC release was accompanied by a first promotional photo for the two titles as well as a more detailed description of the protagonists. For the time being there is no information about the titles premiere, speculating that they will be included in the autumn portfolio, following the pattern of similar elections in previous years.

This year’s UpFronts edition will cover May 13-16, with NBC and Fox scheduled for the first day, Disney ABC on May 14, CBS on 15, remaining The CW to end the marathon.


The project follows lawyers of an elitist cabinet in Memphis, specialized in civil law and recognized for taking over some of the most controversial cases. Led by the legendary Elijah Strait and his brilliant daughter, Sydney Keller, the two take David and Goliath cases, all along the relationship management as complicated as the subject of their work.

Jimmy Smits -> Elijah Strait

Caitlin McGee -> Sydney Strait: Top advocate in one of the most prestigious law firms in Memphis, Sydney is giving up a corporate future to work with his father on cases he believes are capable of making a difference in the world. Sydney’s story goes a long way before – coming from a family known in the legal environment, she worked with her father until the tense relationship between them led to the breakdown of the personal / professional partnership. After having hardly been in touch in recent years, her mother’s unexpected death brings her back to her family, the desire to have her next, urging Elijah to give her a chance of working with her daughter. Despite the reluctance and quickly becoming a chaos, Sydney is aware that only with his father he can win cases to really change something.

Barry Sloane -> Jake Reilly: A clever and confident lawyer in his capabilities, Jake works with Elijah and Sydney.

Michael Luwoye -> Anthony Little: A top lawyer and three-sided father.

Stony Blyden -> Emerson: IT expert and legal assistant at the firm headed by Elijah Strait.

Jayne Atkinson -> Della Bedford: a blaze and yet a great lawyer, Della is also working in Elijah’s firm.

MaameYaa Boafo -> Briana Logan: private investigator at the law firm led by Elijah.


Garrett Modi, former local councilor of New York City, seems to have found his call when he meets six immigrants in search of the American dream and … his help. The action will be placed in Sunnyside, a district in Queens known for the cultural (ethnic / religious) diversity of the area – it is also noted that five of the six immigrants are played by foreign actors, including a Romanian.

Kal Penn -> Garrett Modi: Garrett was living the American dream – being the youngest local counselor in the history of New York politics, lived on the big foot with the elite, being the pride of the Queens. Pompous parties, luxury and famous business partners, the brilliant image of the flashes distracted Garrett from his true mission, namely helping the electorate and those he promised to help. As all have an end (or karma!), All these benefits and their entire career disappear when they are caught and recorded intoxicated. Now the former political star lives with his sister and wonders where he has failed to reach this point. And yet, there is a second chance – Modi is hired by a diverse group of immigrants looking for the dream and American citizenship. With a new purpose and a chance to rehabilitate his name, everything is possible as long as he does not forget where he left.

Kiran Deol -> Mallory

Moses Storm -> Brady

Diana Maria Riva -> Griselda

Samba Schutte -> Hakim

Poppy Liu -> Mei Lin

Joel Kim Booster -> Jin Hao

Tudor Petrut -> Drzen


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