New Mulan movie from Disney gets a release date


The trailer of Disney’s next live action, Mulan, was released earlier this week, and the public’s reactions were not to be expected. While some have been conquered by battle scenes, the image, a more faithful approach to the Chinese legend and the actress chosen for the central role (Chinese Yifei Liu), others have claimed some differences from the original animation, denoted by

Disney chose not to include the original animation soundtrack of 1998 in this production; the characters will play new songs, and the old ones will be heard only on the background of scenes, in the instrumental version. In addition, one of the most beloved animation characters, dragon Mushu, will not appear in the movie. Instead, we will see a Phoenix bird, as some of the film’s actors showed on Twitter, where they published photographs in which they were wearing the Phoenix-shaped logo of the movie.

And the male character of Mulan’s love story was changed; instead of General Shang, the leader of the Chinese army, we will see Chen Honghui (Yoson An), one of the soldiers fighting against the Huns with Mulan, the courageous girl who, as the legend says, dressed her uniform instead of her father for to defend his country.

The controversy did not reach the Chinese audience, though, “reminds,” who cares more if Hua Mulan looks good and if the film correctly plays the Chinese culture and character perseverance “- as a user on the Chinese social networking Weibo.

Mulan, whose distribution includes Donnie Yen and Jet Li, will be released on March 27, 2020.


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