New projects by ABC in 2019-2020

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Bless this Mess:

Freshly married and deciding that New York’s livelihood does not bring the desired satisfaction, a couple of married couples decide to move to Nebraska in the idea of a simple and quiet life. Unfortunately, things do not go as planned.

Happy Accident:

The project follows the story of two families in Pittsburgh whose members see themselves compelled to establish a relationship after an old secret is revealed. It remains to be seen what a grown-up man has in common and a salon singer whose son is a medical student.


He remains a widow after his wife’s death, obsessive and too protective with his daughters, the protagonist of this comedy invites her mother-in-law to move alongside her to help him with the growth of girls. Nana is not the typical grandmother, with a special thread she must first know her granddaughters.

United we fall:

Sitcom, the protagonists of which are members of a multi-cultural family that brings to their attention a couple, their children and their passionate relatives, showing that when there is love in the middle, (almost) everything is possible.

Woman Up:

Teenage mothers and good friends, Liz and Phoebe had as their sole purpose over the years to see their graduate children on their way to college. Now that their dream has been reached, at the age of 35, the two are ready to live their teenage misses.

Untitled HANNAH SIMONE Project:

Hannah and her Indian-American father have always been close, but when her daughter recognizes that she does not see a professional future in her job, and she confesses about her failed marriage, the two give her a new chance, taking her to zero. This new stage will either bring them closer either … they will go mad in their own way, excited.

Untitled JESSICA GAO Project:

The protagonist, Janet Zhao, is the first-generation Chinese-American who is struggling to impose limits on his family … exasperating. Following the death of her wealthy grandmother, Janet inherits the entire fortune, so that after suffering so long to keep everyone at a distance, she now becomes the person to help and care for everyone, a sort of mother of all.

Untitled LESLIE ODOM Jr. Project:

Hope and Omari share a modern parish and a much more eclectic and chaotic life, together with four children under the same roof. The project is inspired by the life and work of progressive pastors, Touré & Sarah Roberts.

Heart of life:

Inspired by John Mayer’s song, the project has protagonists two brothers who come from different worlds who discover they are related, now having to re-evaluate everything they knew about the parent parent they share. As they discover the mysteries of separated childhood, the two must learn to overcome past sins and learn to enjoy the new family.


Based on Liane Moriarty’s bestselling title, Ellen is a protagonist of the project, a hypnosis therapist who, after many love failures, seems to be finally happy and delighted by her new boyfriend. When it seemed that things could only go forward and from good to very good, it confessed to a disturbing truth – a former girlfriend followed him and harassed him for a few years. Intrigued by the revelation and at the heart of the new events, Ellen discovers she is somehow attracted to the situation, not realizing she has already met the one in question.


Reboot of the homonymous series produced and broadcast by Fox between 1994 and 1998, the project began its narrative thread 20 years after the end of the original title, starring detectives Nat Gilmore and Melissa Ortiz who are investigating the most dangerous offenders on the Harlem – Battery Park route. For now, actors Malik Yoba and Luna Lauren Velez have already been distributed, and the two players are playing the roles in the original title – if the project is chosen, it is possible for several actors in the original series to take on their role again.


Reboot of the homonym series produced and broadcast by ABC between 1993-2005, the project focuses on Theo, the son of the original protagonist Andy Sipowicz, and his desire to become a detective in Section 15, so he can better investigate his father’s death. Like his father, Theo is stubborn, heartwarming, and with some alcoholic problems. The original title was also broadcast in Romania, being known to viewers as NYPD Blue: Police Life. For the time being, Kim Delaney and Bill Brochtrup have already been distributed, and the two are playing the original title – if the project is chosen, it is possible for several actors in the original series to take on their role again.


Inspired by the Oni Press homonymous graphic novel, Dex Parios is an army veteran, a strong and flawless woman currently working as a private investigator in Portland, Oregon. With a complicated personal story and the principle that she is the only person she really can rely on, Dex solves the problems of others while not forgetting her own.


If in fact the Bermuda Triangle is not a black area in the middle of the ocean, but rather a lost ground of land while it has managed to imprison many travelers over the years? The project presents an attempt to escape a freshly arrived family whose members will ally with known parts of the area that are still captive of several periods of history that share the same vision and desire to return home.


The project shows how a couple’s decision to marry affects the lives of all known ones, exploring the relationship of a group of friends and family members as they are forced to reevaluate their romantic life and reach a consensus on marriage and love. The project is based on Israel’s homonymous format.


Legally dramatic about a prisoner who becomes a lawyer, taking cases of other prisoners while trying to prove his innocence in the case of homicide that sent him to the bar. The desire for liberty is a fierce one, trying to recover his life and his beloved family, so he gets to team up with a guardian woman with progressive visions, all of which lead to the screening of a story that presents the challenges and injustices of the American legal system.


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