Nicole Kidman has just signed the contract for a new production


The famous actress will play one of the two main roles in the series “Pretty Things”, a screenplay by Janelle Brown.

The powerful streaming platform bought the adaptation rights to the novel, which will be released on April 21 by the prestigious Random House and which someone described as “a thrilling narrative, with many levels of unfolding.” His action, located near Lake Tahoe, focuses on two powerful women, whose lives have been overturned and who are trying to survive a crash, followed by disappointment and destruction, where they are trapped.

What seemed like a harmless approach between a wandering scam and an influential rich man soon turns into a tough and dangerous game, the basis of which is long-planned revenge. It is not yet known which of the two characters will be played by Nicole Kidman. The adaptation will be made by the novelist Janelle Brown, who will also be executive producer, and the director will be signed by Reed Morano (who also made several episodes of “The Story of the Servant” and who will also be producing). The series is the first collaboration between Nicole Kidman and the Amazon platform, involved in the new series and through the company she founded in 2010, Blossom Films, which will also be executive producer.

The latest and most anticipated title in the actress’ filmography is the series “The Undoing”, created by David E. Kelley (“Ally McBeal”, “The Big Innocent Lies”) scheduled to premiere on HBO this spring, with Nicole Kidman playing alongside. by Hugh Grant, in the role of her husband, and Donald Sutherland. The Australian actress also has another series, screened after Liane Moriarty’s novel, “Nine Perfect Strangers” (in which Melissa McCarthy also plays). It is in pre-production and will be adapted and broadcast by the Hulu platform.


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