Orange Is the New Black last season on Netflix, July 26

The Orange Is the New Black series arrives this summer. Netflix launches a new teaser and the first images announcing that the series will launch the seventh and final production season on Friday, July 26th.


Orange Is The New Black has begun in an extraordinary era of television and for six unforgettable seasons has approached fearlessly some of the most difficult, relevant and human stories of today, says a Cinemagia release. In the last season, ladies in Litchfield penitentiary have come to terms with the fact that the prison has changed them forever.

Piper faces life in freedom, while prison life, as corrupt and unjust as ever, continues without her. The friendship between Taystee and Cindy is in balance, while her life punishment is outlined, Gloria and her kitchen helmets face the cruel truth of Polycom’s obsession for profit, while the rest of the characters run for drugs or ideals and faces the reality of their place in the world.


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