Ozark – Season 3 will have new actors


It’s been coming back that time of year when the eyes are on the new Ozark season and not on their promotional materials and their hidden details – up to this, Netflix has announced a series of new releases. With the Marvel universe ending at Netflix, two of the actors who will join Jason Bateman in the new chapter of his story are in-house actors, namely Tom Pelphrey (Marvel’s Iron Fist) and Frances Dukes (Marvel’s Jessica Jones). The list is completed in recurring roles with several appearances by Joseph Sikora and Felix Solis, while Lisa Emery and Janet McTeer, who joined the season 2 cast, were promoted as regular series.

Tom Pelphrey – Ben Davis: Wendy’s younger and more capricious brother, Ben comes on an inappropriate and totally unplanned visit, quickly recalling his sister to the old person and what really escapes.
Frances Dukes aka Maya Miller: FBI agent and accountant who comes to the casino for one purpose – to catch Marty and do it as a book to give him no way to escape.

Joseph Sikora – Frank Cosgrove Jr., the impulsive son of Frank Cosgrove, the head of the Kansas mafia, goes into an altercation with Ruth at first glance, despite having to work together in Marty’s casino a facade business meant to hide the true source of income.

Felix Solis – Omar Navarro: the ruthless leader of the second largest Mexican cartel, Omar is attacking his business rivals both through exacerbated violence and a form of psychological warfare designed to bring them down and take them out business all who stand in his way.


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