Pokemon Detective Pikachu movie is “pure joy”


Pokemon Detective Pikachu

Warner Bros. has projected for the first time in Japan the movie with Ryan Reynolds Pokemon Detective Pikachu, and the reactions of the invited journalists were as positive as the most common words describing the film being “enchanting” and “conquering”.

Although in the first instance, many have seen in the adaptation of the famous video game only a new source of profit for Hollywood, with the release of the first trailer changed their minds and have come to look forward to production. There have been films of appealing trailers over the years, but later criticism and box office failures have proven, but the movie in which formerly Deadpool gives Pikachu’s voice is in the way of demonstrating the opposite.

“I just saw Detective Pikachu and it was delightful! Brings alive the favorite pokemon of all in a lifetime and realistic manner. And Pikachu? It is absolutely adorable. Nice to get over. Pokemon fans, get ready! “, Bloggers Simon and Martina write on their Twitter account.

“I had fun with Detective Pikachu. Without big claims, sincere and out of pokemon – these are the words describing the movie, which will surely evolve in a franchise honor. It’s also suitable for fans and non-fans, “says Paul Shirley from JoBlo.com.

“Detective Pikachu is pure joy from beginning to end. It is an authentic world that takes you step by step and which is excellently built. There are many recognizable elements for Pokemon fans. I think there was a sort of allergen in the room because I woke up with tears at certain times, “says Dan Casey at nerdlist.com.

And Dave Trumbore, one of Collider.com’s editors, said, “I saw the movie here in Tokyo, and, Lord, I hope Ryme City is a real place because I really want a Pokemon friend.”

Terri Schwartz, chief editor of the entertainment section of ign.com, wrote: “I just saw Detective Pikachu and my first thought was” OMG, how sympathetic they did! ” The Pokemon world has gone out and just to see how they have made for a live-action movie these amazing creatures are worth the ticket price. If you like Pokemon, you’ll love this movie. ”

“I saw the film for the second time and all I can say is: WOW! You have to be excited about its launch because it is a great experience. It’s so fun and successful! She bumped me back at some sequences! “Wrote Anna Brisbin blogger.

photo source: digitalspy.com


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