Projects at FOX 2019-2020

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Adam & Eve: The project follows the story of a couple during three significant stages of their relationship – young and passionate, adults with children, retirees. Finally, questions such as: What makes a marriage resist time? Does people really change with the passage of time? And, after 40 years together, why can not they choose a restaurant without turning everything into a scene? The project is based on the French-Canadian homonymous format.

Bless The Harts: Animation that has protagonists a group of leftist southerners who are still struggling to fulfill the American dream of welfare. What they have not yet realized is that they are already prosperous – in friends, family and good mood.

DuncanVille: An animation that follows the story of Duncan, a 15-year-old boy, alongside his family and friends. What Annie is trying to do is to prevent his son from ruining his life as of how he lives.

Geniuses: A middle-class family from South Jersey is trying to grow up like the four children, three of whom are recognized geniuses.

Patty’s Auto: Inspired by Patrice Banks’s Girls Auto Clinic business, the project has a car garage in the center that has only female employees, the story of watching Patty and the eclectic group of women with whom they work.

Richard Lovely: Eternally dissatisfied, Richard Lovely is the author of the bestselling Mr. Mouse series, titles for children. Richard does not hate children as individuals but what they represent and do, the baggage they bring with them. After a public event ended as a failure for his image, involving a nine-year-old, Mr. Mouse appears in his real life, and Richard becomes part of a father-to-son relationship that is totally new and will definitely change his life.

90210: With separate roads 19 years ago, at the suggestion of one of the group, Jason, Jennie, Ian, Gabrielle, Brian and Tori, reunite for the much-anticipated reboot Beverly Hills, 90210. Returning and trying to resume things from where they may leads to true dramas, much more interesting than the project itself. What can happen when the first love, excitement, friends and rivalry are put together in the idea that actors are determined to continue the story of the characters that made them famous?

Deputy: Deputy Bill Hollister is a policeman passionate about what he does and quite comfortable in his office. But when his boss dies, Bill gets a sheriff with no less than 10,000 subordinate deputies on the ground.

Filthy Rich: Gothic drama with southern influences that follows the story of two powerful women and determined to do everything in their power to protect loved ones. When the wealthy CEO of the largest Christian association dies in an airplane crash, the family remains distracted to learn that it has grown and other illegitimate children whose names are now in the will. Like any inheritance widow, she makes the first step trying to pay them to give up the fortune, but the new heirs not only do not accept their offer, they are even determined to stay in the city and become part of the family. The series is based on the New Zealand homonymous series.

Next: A former, intelligent and very paranoid CEO is teaming up with a Homeland agent and the cyber division, their goal being the cessation of the first crises caused by artificial intent – the imminence of the threat represented by an AI form that has the ability to grow and upgrades alone . The project looks at the way technology has invaded our lives, sometimes turning our hearts apart, having in the center a villain as we have never before, whose main weapons against us are our own.

Prodigal Son: Malcolm Bright has a special gift – he knows how a killer thinks and how their mind works. Why? His father is one of the worst and best known serial killers, known as The Surgeon / Surgeon. Bright becomes a family business, Bright is considered to be one of the best forensic psychologists and psychologists, currently deploying non-conformist skills to the New York Police, helping detectives to stop some of the worst criminals. Nobody has perfect life, and in Malcolm’s case this is not just about his childhood – he has a manipulating mother, an annoying banal sister, a father who still tries to create a parental relationship with him and that’s not all, the neuroses its steadily rising.

Untitled ANNIE WEISMAN/ JASON KATMIS Project: The only child in parents, Julia Beckley’s life takes a different turn at the time it is known that her father, a fertility pioneer whose work has been recognized and rewarded with a Nobel Prize, has used her own sperm to create countless children throughout your career. Faced with a cruel reality, Julia discovers two of her sisters – her former good friend and Olympic athlete. Despite what’s happening, the three are part of a non-traditional family, learning that there is a need to support and accept that they are not alone in this identity crisis that they find themselves in. The project is based on the Australian Sisters format.

Untitled TOM KAPINOS Project: The first season will take place over a single evening at a wedding, so as the party advances, we will get to know more about the past and present of the wedding guests. We will show how things are not always what they seem to be, focusing on the complexity of friendship, family and love relationships at different ages and stages of life. The project is inspired by the French Quadras series.


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