Rachel Skarsten returns to The CW in Batwoman


Rachel Skarsten

After the role of Queen Elisabeth, Rachel Skarsten returns to The CW in a new role, namely Alice, the antagonist of the new project in the famous Arrowverse, Batwoman.

For the time being not sure whether the project will get the command to reach the small screens in the 2019/20 season, but after the DC Comics / The CW crossover last year, we can say that Batwoman has great chances to be chosen for the portfolio the Elseworld episodes, which featured Kate Kane, were well received by both the public and critics.

Batwoman is the first gay character in a comic strip adaptation, whether DC Comics or Marvel. Accustomed to say things by name and driven by the desire to do what is right, Kate Kane watches the dark streets like Batwoman, a well-trained fighter to deal with the dangers hidden by the famous city, and now seem to bring the horror back among the inhabitants of Gotham. But we can not call her hero yet – in a city in desperate need of a rescue hero, Kate must first overcome his own demons before becoming a symbol of hope for Gotham.

For now, too much information has been revealed about Rachel’s role, rather on the idea that if Batwoman were to have a Joker like his cousin, it would certainly be Alice, the leader of the Wonderland Gang. With quick moves from charm and excitement to manic and unpredictable behavior, Alice aims at destroying security in Gotham City and setting up panic amongst citizens, spoiling them with a sense of personal safety for them and for those close to them.


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