Ragnarok, new series with teenagers, gods and giants, from January


Netflix has released the first Ragnarok teaser along with information about the release date in Romania of this new series about the northern and giant gods: January 31, 2020.

Ragnarok is a story about maturation and contributes to the creation of a surprising and new Nordic mythology. The series takes place in the small fictional town of Edda, in the middle of the great Norwegian nature. The story focuses on the inhabitants of Edda, which, most likely, are not what they claim to be. With them, we are witnessing a changing world: melting glaciers, warm winters, torrential rains. Some might say we’re heading for a new Ragnarok. Unless nobody intervenes in time …

In northern mythology Ragnarök ie the final fate of the gods is a series of major events, including a great predicted battle that will result in the death of a number of major figures (including the gods Odin, Thor, Freyr, Heimdall and Loki), natural disasters divers and the subsequent immersion of the world in water. It is said that this battle will be fought by the gods (Aesir, led by Odin) and the evil entities, the giants (Jötunnii) and various monsters, led by Loki.

The series with six episodes in Norwegian is produced by SAM Productions, a Danish company. Adam Price is creator, screenwriter, and executive producer, alongside executive producer Meta Louise Foldager Sørensen (Antichrist, Melancholia), producer Stine Meldgaard Madsen (Pros and Cons, Something’s Rockin ‘), screenwriter Emilie Lebech Kaae and director Mogens Hagedorn. The cast of Ragnarok includes David Stakston (Magne), Jonas Strand Gravli (Laurits), Theresa Frostad Eggesbø (Saxa), Herman Tømmeraas (Fjor), Emma Bones (Gry), Henriette Steenstrup, Odd-Magnus Williamson, Synnøve Macody Lund, Bjørn Sundquist, and Gísli Örn Garðarsson.


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