Red Sonja has a new director


Millenium Films set the creator of the Transparent Series, Jill Soloway, to write the screenplay and direct Red Sonja, a film that was back in its early stages after Bryan Singer was removed from his role as director. Soloway comes with a new and bold approach. Andrea Sperling, partner with Soloway at Topple Productions, will sign production.

“I can not wait to bring Red Sonja to life,” says Soloway for Deadline. “Exploring this ample mythology and developing what it means to be a heroine is for me an artistic dream come true.”

It is the first contract signed by Soloway from The Transparent Movie Musicale Finale. The casting will start from scratch for the actress who will play Red Sonja, who began as a comic strip hero in the 1970s to appear in numerous BDs over time, further published Dynamite Entertainment. It would be the second heroine film after the 1985 film with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Brigitte Nielsen.

Millennium Media will fund and Millennium Films will sign production alongside Topple Campbell / Grobman Films and Cinelou Filmes, with rights holder Luke Lieberman as executive producer.

Although Soloway has no experience with action movies, as a director and screenwriter he has been a pioneer in the field and one of the first to contribute to the Amazon “Transparent” series, directing 17 episodes of the final season.

Millennium is trying to restart Red Sonja for at least a decade, approaching most of Robert Rodriguez’s directorial version and Rose McGowan as the title holder. The project came back after Wonder Woman’s success demonstrates the potential of superhero movies. While the genre of action has, as a rule, at Millennium, male directors, the company chose to diversify the directors, recently hiring Tanya Wexler to sign production for Kate Beckinsale as Jolt’s lead role, action thriller.

Bryan Singer was in the books for Red Sonja’s direction after he was kicked out of Bohemian Rhapsody two weeks before filming for repeated absences. The film succeeded in winning the Best Oscar for 903 million dollars, and Singer had a remarkable track record with X-Men. However, Singer was denied accusations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior, which removed the distributors and especially the actresses from the main role.

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