Ridley Scott is working on another Alien prequel


The mixed reception of Alien: Covenant in 2017 by film critics and average success at the global box office – $240.8 million at a budget of 97 million – did not discourage Ridley Scott, the filmmaker who was at the helm of Alien’s first film (1979) and the 2012 Prequel, Prometheus.

The director mentioned in an interview with Variety (linked to the 40th anniversary of the original film debut) that he is working on a sequel to Covenant, currently in the script phase.

Scott has not provided any detail in the Variety material, but his involvement in the project (and its validity) stems also from a discussion with thehollywoodreporter.com, in which he stated that he wanted to come up with a new approach to avoid repetitions and not give the audience exactly what they expect. But this time it was vaguely related to the new project and only mentioned: “We are looking for new directions of evolution.”

Alien, 20th Century Fox, the production and distributor of Alien films, is now under the Disney umbrella, which does not like the unrecommended productions and preadolescents; Disney fans have promised that under the Fox label they will allow R rating projects such as Deadpool and this new prequel on Ridley Scott’s work schedule.


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