Robert Downey Jr. could return as Iron Man in a Disney + series


In the “new era” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, old and new heroes mingle in an exciting crowd on the big and small screen. If yesterday’s news of the profile publications talked about the return, in different versions, of Captain America, here are the chances that Iron Man would benefit from a return to the public.

A source quoted by The Independent claims Iron Man will return in a Disney + series, and writes that this will happen in Ironheart, a TV production based on the adventures of brilliant teenage girl Riri Williams, which carries on his legacy. Stark in the comics. Williams meets Stark when he’s in a coma. He then trains with an AI system provided by the superhero himself, who is also his voice interface – so it will be a voice for the former Iron Man, as in the case of Paul Bettany and JARVIS.

Iron Man’s delivery of the iron by introducing into the MCU teenage superhero Ironheart was suggested by Robert Downey Jr. three months ago at a film gala. Marvel fans are now waiting for an official confirmation from the company.


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