Robert Downey Jr. sets up a coalition to fight climate change


Actor Robert Downey Jr. announced Tuesday at Amazon’s “Re: Mars” conference that he is setting up an organization that will use advanced technologies to protect the environment. Footprint Coalition will be officially launched in April 2020, writes Variety.

“Between robotics and nanotechnology, we can clean the planet significantly, if not altogether, in 10 years,” said the actor, who said he had discussed with many experts. “I love experts. They are like Wikipedia with character flaws “.

The announcement came after a discussion about Artificial Intelligence, the Marvel Cinema Universe, Downey Jr.’s career and the evolution of his character Tony Stark (Iron Man).

Robert Downey Jr. has not provided details of how his organization will achieve his goal, but he said that if it is a small change, it will be the most important thing he has ever done.

A site dedicated to the group was launched,, but it currently contains only a form for subscribing to the newsletter.

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