Robert Pattinson took a good break from filming


Robert Pattinson (34 years old) said that he felt quite “overwhelmed” before the filming of the new “The Batman”, whose protagonist is, was interrupted due to a pandemic.

The British actor had to face both the efforts required by the new adventures of the superhero and the concentration imposed by Christopher Nolan’s much more provocative film, “Tenet”. Pattinson found out on the first day of filming on “Tenet” that he got the coveted starring role in “The Batman”, so “that weekend was extremely intense”.

“Although we had entered a certain rhythm and initially it was strange to stop filming, the break turned out to be very useful in the end. It wasn’t easy to land on the sets of “Batman” (which is great for filming, it’s still… Batman!) Straight from filming with Chris (Nolan – n.r.). So, at one point, I felt completely slowed down, I couldn’t judge clearly, and the break wasn’t the worst thing that could happen. After all, as an actor, you are used to alternating periods of intense work with those during which you lie in a hotel room ‘.

About Christopher Nolan’s new film, “Tenet,” Robert Pattinson told Esquire that “it’s incredibly complicated, like most Chris movies.” The actor said he asked his partner in the film, John David Washington, if he understood the meanings of all the scenes, to help him improve his game.

“You can only understand them after they’re finished and fully assembled, and you have to see them three or four times to fully understand everything that’s going on there,” Pattinson said.


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