Ruby Rose is leaving “Batwoman”


Just before the end of the first season, the difficulties for “Batwoman” began. Due to the pandemic, the production was affected, and the last two episodes (out of 20) will reach fans later than scheduled. Also, Ruby Rose, the actress who plays the main character of the series, announced in a statement that she will give up the role.

“I made the very difficult decision not to return to ‘Batwoman’ next season. It was not an easy decision, because I have great respect for the actors, the team, and for everyone involved in the series. I am very grateful to the producers, not only because they gave me this extraordinary opportunity, but also because they welcomed me into this universe. Thanks to all those who made the first season a success, I am really grateful to them ‘, says Ruby Rose.

The producers from Warner also announced that the series will continue without Ruby Rose and that they will start casting to replace it.


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