Russell Crowe returns to theaters in two new movies


One of the most award-winning European films, “A Prophet” (2009), will be remade in the American version, under the title “American Son”, with Russell Crowe as a mob boss. The actor also stars in “Unhinged”, the first film to be released in cinemas (on July 1) since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Russell Crowe (56 years old) will star in the thriller “American Son”, produced by Paramount, already in pre-production. The film will be directed by Andrew Onwubolu (‘Blue Story’), a music producer, screenwriter, director and rapper, known in the music world as Rapman, and his screenplay will be signed by Dennis Lehane, author of the novels screened in ‘Mysteries of the River’, ‘Missing without a trace’ and ‘The law of the night’).

The film “American Son” is a remake of the film “A Prophet”, directed by Jacques Audiard. He was nominated in 2010 for an Oscar (for Best Foreign Language Film) and a Golden Globe, was in the running for the Palme d’Or and received the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes, as well as the BAFTA for Best Picture. in a language other than English.

The action of both films centers on a 19-year-old criminal, who arrives for the first time in an adult prison (played in the original film by Tahar Rahim). There, the young man encounters an extremely violent world and is taken under his protection by a particularly tough mob boss (played by the excellent Niels Arestrup in the original version and Russell Crowe in the new film), who turns him into his trusted man. In time, the young man manages better and better and reaches the head of a very strong gang, avenging all the humiliations of the past and subduing even his dreaded mentor.

No performer has yet been found for the young protagonist, but Paramount Studios, which considers the film “American Son” their priority no. 1.

Russell Crowe is also the protagonist of the first film that will mark the return to cinema since the outbreak of the pandemic. Distributed by Solstice Studios, “Unhinged” will be released in theaters on July 1. Directed by Derrick Borte (“American Dreamer”, “London Town”), the film is a thriller in which Russell Crowe plays a driver who, following a trivial altercation in traffic, ends up terrorizing Rachel (Caren Pistorius), the woman which annoyed him and harassed his whole family without mercy.

Russell Crowe recalled how refractory he was 20 years ago to his role in ‘The Gladiator’, which would bring him fame and an Oscar. “I read the script and it didn’t seem like a movie. But Parkes (producer Walter Parkes – no.) Came and said, “It’s 184 AD, you’re a Roman general and you’re going to star in a Ridley Scott movie,” and that was enough to make me I’m going to talk to Ridley. ‘ The actor also remembers: “I had just filmed” Scandal in the tobacco industry “, in which I had played the role of a huge guy. It took me a little effort to look like a gladiator.


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