Ryan Reynolds tries his comedic talent and superpowers again in the movie Free Guy


The first trailer for the superhero comedy Free Guy was released Saturday at the Comic-Con Experience Convention in São Paulo, Brazil. Ryan Reynolds plays the role of a bank teller turned superhero in a video game. Actress Jodie Comer from Killing Eve is “Molotov Girl”, the cast being completed by Joe Keery from Stranger Things and Taika Waititi, acting like a mob boss.

Ryan Reynolds is trying his comedic talent and superpowers again in this rather heartbreaking movie if we look at the first trailer.

With the music signed by Mariah Carey, Free Guy shows Ryan Reynolds how he becomes a hero overnight, thanks to an unusual pair of sunglasses. The official synopsis of the film, provided by 20th Century Fox, shows that “A cashier at the bank, who discovers that he is a pawn in a video game, decides to become the hero of his own story … one that he writes himself. Now, in a world without limits, he is determined to be the one who saves the world in his own style … until it’s too late. ”


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