Season 8 from Arrow will be the last



The time has come for Oliver Queen to give up the green suit, protagonist Stephen Amell announcing last night that the recently commissioned season 8 will be the last for Arrow. At the same time, like other successful CW portfolio titles, season 8 will have only 10 episodes.A possible continuation of the project seems to have come with some major changes in distribution, Amell realizing that he would no longer want to extend his contract, his alter ego Green Arrow to be inherited by someone else to help citizens in Star City.

With the 10 episodes of season 8, Arrow will reach a total of 170 episodes broadcast. The current season 7 will end in May.Arrow was the first project under the leadership of Mark Pedowitz to change the image of CW viewers, who wanted the post to be no longer represented by young women but to bring more. Arrow’s debut also marked the beginning of CW’s superhero, after which the project became known as Arrowverse and managed to include three other titles – The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, with the possibility of increasing their number in autumn if the Batwoman project .


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