Spider-Man: Far From Home contains a scene “that the audience will hate,” says Tom Holland


Spider-Man - Far From Home

Spider-Man’s latest trailer: Far From Home (not recommended for those who have not yet seen Avengers: Endgame) gave us a sample of the Marvel Cinema Universe after the final confrontation – not without dramatic loss – with Thanos. With or not connected to those moments in Endgame, Tom Holland has said in an interview with comicbook.com that there will be a scene in the film that will continue the adventures of Peter Parker / Spider-Man that will not be at all fancy .

“There is a scene in this movie where the audience will feel as if they have received a full fist,” the actor said. “And when I’m shooting, I remember coming out of the plate, then I turned around, saw it on the monitors, and asked Jon [Watts, the director of the movie, Red.]:” You’re sure he’s in this is the rule? ” And he said to me, “No, it is not. People will hate this scene. ” But, seriously, my God, it’s madness, it’s full of tension and you’ll feel like it’s running down your ground. And that’s really great, “Holland explained.

We will understand precisely what Spider-Man performer refers to – whether it is the emotional death of a central character, or whether it will be a reversal of a situation like the one with The Mandarin in Iron Man 3 – after the launch of Far From Home, which will take place on July 5th.


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