Spiderman the greatest superhero


When Peter Parker and his friends go on holiday in Europe, eager for fun and relaxation, they do not even go through what follows: an imminent threat puts the world at risk and, because other superheroes are not available, Spider-Man is called without delay on duty. Superheroes do not have left! Peter would like to abstain from heroic deeds for a while, but when Nick Fury, the former head of the S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Founder of the Avengers, hunts him step by step, has no choice. What is announced to be a relaxing holiday turns into the biggest adventure so far, the success of which depends even the fate of the world? He is waiting for his romantic stories, comic surprises, and dangerous encounters with inter-dimensional creatures.

One of the main forces that will spur Peter’s destiny is Nick Fury. Former Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. he unswervingly starts pursuing the young man that Fury wants to draw in the fight against the Creatures. Nick takes Peter’s footsteps to Venice, forcing him to rally for this purpose.

“Fury does not accept a negative response, as we know from previous films,” says Holland. “He expects Peter to assume the full responsibility that derives from his status of Spider-Man.”

This does not mean that Fury believes Peter perfectly capable of taking over the task. “Fury still has serious doubts about this,” says Samuel L. Jackson, who takes over Fury’s role for the 12th time. First, he considers Parker a child. Secondly, Fury still does not understand why Tony Stark has chosen Parker to take over Iron Man. Stark gave this role, but will Parker be able to play it? ”

Director Jon Watts notes: “Fury does not care what Peter wants. Fury is more pragmatic; he set up the Avengers, and now, after years, he’s trying to get it over. His goal is to protect the world, and Peter will be an essential character for this goal. ”

Watts and screenwriters Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers explored the possibility of a new dimension for the Fury who is trying, like many others, to accommodate after Thanos’s blow. “And Fury missed five years because of Thanos,” says Watts. “He was usually above all things, but now he is in a different world. It’s a situation I’ve never seen Fury before. He is no longer the one who decides. ”

Along with Fury, in an attempt to persuade Peter to join them in the struggle against the Creatures of the four elements, is Maria Hill, the former deputy director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Like her boss, she tries to re-adapt to the world after Thanos’s blow. “Maria, like Fury and Peter, had been spraying and disappearing for 5 years,” says Cobie Smulders, who resumes her role in the six previous films, starting with The Avengers. “So now, she resumes … everything.”

At the same time, Hill’s relationship with Fury is amplified – as a result of their struggle with the Creatures of the Four Elements. They made an alliance with Quentin Beck / Mysterio and are now trying to get Peter Parker to join their team. “Since Fury and Maria are together along the way, an approach is born between them, as we have not seen before,” says Smulders.

But the journey of Fury and Hill is more than a mere experience of mutual knowledge; they have to deal with enormous threats posed by the creatures of the four elements and the emergence of a new superhero, Quentin Beck / Mysterio, the only one to be equipped to confront these creatures.


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