Stranger Things Season 3 Audience Record


The third season of Stranger Things has received a lot of appreciation from critics and the public lately, and its success has also been translated by a record of the streaming distribution company. The last season of the show was watched more than any other Netflix production in the first four days of the debut. figures show that Stranger Things 3, released on July 4, has reached 40.7 million homes and 18.2 million subscribers have already reached the end of the eight episodes of the season.

“This shows that the audience is more captivated by original productions and value binging,” said analyst Justin Patterson, quoted by

Other recordable Netflix titles are Bird Box, a horror film with Sandra Bullock, which had 26 million viewers in the first week of release, and Murder Mystery, an action comedy with Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, which attracted the audience from near 31 million homes.


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