Tenet postponed again


Actors Robert Pattinson and John David Washington can sit more comfortably in armchairs, as Warner studios have again decided to postpone the most anticipated blockbuster of the summer, Tenet. The film, directed by Christopher Nolan, was due to release on July 17, then was postponed for two weeks, and is now postponed again for two weeks, until August 12.

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Warner Studios commented in a press release quoted by Variety that “they will project Tenet for the cinema audience, on the big screen, when the cinemas are ready and when health professionals say the time is right.” “Right now we need to be flexible. We don’t consider this premiere a regular one. We’ll release the film in the middle of the week so that the public can gradually discover it, and we plan to keep Tenet in theaters for much longer than we usually do.”

As I said in this analysis, the variables for launching a film in the cinema are extremely unpredictable at this time when each country reacts differently to the pandemic.


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