The adaptation of Stephen King fantasy novel wishes to be the new Game of Thrones

The Hulu streaming platform has begun developing a project that is already said to be the new Game of Thrones.


It’s about adapting the fantasy novel The Eyes of the Dragon, published by Stephen King horror genre in 1984.

According to, the volume arose from the author’s desire to imagine something that his children (at that time aged 14, 12 and 7) could read. In spite of some voices criticizing the novel, considering him to be far too different from the genre that set up King, many critics have been praised for it, which has also been of concern to filmmakers.

The Eyes of the Dragon tells the story of a powerful wizard (named Flagg, recurrent name in The Stand and The Dark Tower, n. Red.), Determined to become the ruler of the kingdom of Delain, and a prince who does everything in his power to stop it. With a less complex intrigue than the Game of Thrones, the Hulu series could attract similar medieval elements through the atmosphere – princes, princesses, palace intrigues, magic, swords, dragons and other mythological creatures – and the many twists and turns of the situation.

There was an attempt to adapt the novel in 2012 by SyFy, but it was not materialized.

Seth Grahame-Smith (The LEGO Screenwriter’s Batman Movie), who will most likely serve as the lead author of the series, will also be working on the pilot episode.


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