The Annabelle doll, from the famous universe The Conjuring, returns with the third movie


For Gary Dauberman, screenwriter of Annabelle, It and The Nun: The Mystery of the Monastery, Horror Annabelle 3 is his debut film as director, working with producer team Peter Safran (Aquaman) and James Wan.

“It seemed to me that this is the natural step and the ideal time to make this change in my career and what really matters to me was that we had James and Peter alongside,” said Gary Dauberman. Alongside James Wan, Dauberman developed the scenario, and during this trial, they both knew that everything had to be anchored in the space of Warren’s house, all in the relaxed atmosphere of the 1970s.

Determined to prevent Annabelle from ever provoking terror, Ed and Lorraine Warren, demonologists, are rushing to bring her into the chamber, sealed by supernatural artifacts from their own house, and put it in a holy box. But on a bad night, the doll arouses the other evil spirits in the room that begin to haunt the 10-year-old daughter of Warren and her girlfriends.

Actor Patrick Wilson, who is back in Ed Warren’s interpretation, tells his filmmaker Vera Farmiga that she “loves to play this role because she can only take things to another level of tension, while she looks and new things from the couple dynamics. This time we are more surprised in the hypostasis of loving parents of our daughter Judy, “concluded Wilson.


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