The Black Widow shooting is now taking place in Budapest


Expecting the character’s fans, the self-standing film with Black Widow is currently conducting production in Budapest, where these images with a dressed superhero, leaving an armed vehicle, were also captured.

If the costume mask hides the identity of the character, his design has speculated that we are dealing with a villain Marvel known to the fans of the comic strip – Taskmaster. He can copy the movements of any person he comes into contact with, so he would prove to be a striking opponent for Natasha, replicating his fighting movements even during the conflict.

Taskmaster is a comic book character, whose adventures have many ramifications. Nick Fury even tried at one point to recruit him to become a Secret Avenger. It is possible that the Black Widow’s script included Yelena Belova, a different Black Widow, which would make things even more interesting.

Date of release of Black Widow, with Scarlett Johansson in the central role and Cate Shortland at the helm, is to be announced.


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