The end of Game of Thrones will be different from the one in the books, says George R.R. Martin


Game of Thrones

In a few weeks, HBO will launch season eight and the last of the fantasy saga Song of Ice and Fire. Because the latest volumes of the literary epic after which the series has been adapted have not yet seen the light of the print (the books of 6 and 7, The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring), the game’s Thrones creators woke up unknown territory, so they had to come up with an end of the series independent of the literary series.

Among the GOT fans there is still fear that the following episodes could unravel the ending imagined by George R.R. Martin for his famous series of books, but even the author assures them, in an interview with Rolling Stone, that this will not happen and has made some changes in books just to keep the readers in suspense (even though they have seen series).

“I moved very slowly with these books. The most important points of the end will be things I have already mentioned five or six years ago. But there may be many changes; there will be many added things as well, “Martin explained.

The author had enough time to finish the series – the fifth book, A Dance of Dragons, was launched in 2011, just one month after the first Game of Thrones season. By June 2016, however, R.R. Martin has published samples from 11 chapters of The Winds of Winter – devoted to extensive analysis in the online environment. In April 2018, the author announced on his blog the release of Fire & Blood, the volume on the history of the Targaryen House – which came to market in November last year. The release date of The Winds of Winter, to which Martin still works, has been changed several times and has not yet been fixed.

Game of Thrones’ eighth season begins on HBO on April 15th.

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